SeaClear is an OpenSource navigation programme.


for Windows

Data Formats for Charts

For OpenSeaMap: KAP and WCI
Other: BSB

Install Charts

  1. Save charts locally in folders
    sub-folders are possible
  2. run MapCal.exe
  3. Click on the "Tool" tab
  4. choose your folder with the charts in "Set Directories"
  5. execute the Autoload Lista (all 3 )
  6. close Mapcal
  7. launch SeaClear and start working


Displays the ships position on the chart (with the GPS signal)

Displays position, speed and course
Log, Triplog, running hours
depths, wind direction and force

sets waypoints
edist routes
inversion of routes
activates/de-activates routes
Shows start, finish and distance
import/export of routes and waypoints
Autopilot operation (with NMEA)

import/export of tracks

displays AIS signals

night-colors (4 levels)